Q1. How do I know under which regulation the application should be submitted ?
Ans: a) Multistoried Buildings of 15 Mtrs and above - under Regulation 36
b) New installations - Under Regulation 43 (3)
c) Additions/Alterations in the existing installations - Under Regulation 43(4)
d) Generating plants - Under Regulation 32
Q2. Is there any check list to check before applying for the design approval
Ans: The check list is available in the website, and dynamically visible after selecting System voltage and the Regulation in the process of submitting the application.
Q3. Is the signature of the contractor necessary in the drawings to be submitted
Ans: All drawings shall be duly signed by the contractor having valid Grade 'A' licence issued by the Telangana Electrical Licensing Board.
Q4. What is the System Voltage?
Ans. System Voltage is the Voltage at the Point of commencement of supply to the Installation.

Registrations Pending for Approval

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